Letter #1

Your website is gruesome and shows just how devoid you are of any compassion.I feel sad that you were raised by parents who never taught you to see how beautiful animals are. Dead animals are notbeautiful, Fur is not beautiful It is hideous. It is so obvious you are just trying to defend your selfishness or trying to prove that you are a man. Killing a tiny creaturemakes you look like a wimp. You act as if you are doing something good bycutting down on animal overpopulation when in reality you are only trying to defend what you do to make money for yourself. Or do you just do it because you think it makes you look macho or more grown up, It makes you look immature.  Look at the beautiful animals that you catch. Look into their eyes. How can you approach a terrified innocent animal and look into his/her eyes filled with fear and take it's life? Have you no compassion whatsoever. Do you feel no guilt whatsoever for killing such a beautiful gentle animal? I am so happy that I was raised by someone who taught me to respect all living creatures, to stand up for those (humans and animals) who aren't able to stand up for themselves. It really is an incredible feeling to save and protect these innocent animals. We do not own these animals they have just as much a right to live a long healthy happy life as we do. Oh By the way... the e-mail of this one is Quixotica3@aol.com 

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