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Update !

Well this season wasn't so bad for me,being my first year. I trapped alone, sometimes acompanied by my father. Anyways, I got an otter a mink a raccoon and a coyote. All this was in about a weeks time, but I trapped all season. I'm hoping to go to the NTA convention , (I'm working on my parents). I'm hoping on getting a lot of used or maybe new traps, and some urines and scents and a lot of other stuff there, or at the MTA convention. Well, hope you're enjoying the site, I'll update later.


I was making a set for coyote on a beach near the river where I trap, because I saw a lot of tracks on the beach. Some were coyotes and some were unlike any I'd ever seen, so I made a set with a #3 jump trap. It was a dirthole. I used some really rank fish oil that I made earlier in the year. Then I brushed all of my tracks away, and went and checked the rest of my traps. The next day I was making my rounds in my canoe up and down the river . I went to the beach and noticed the trap was missing . However, there was a small problem...the drag marks went straight into the water...I thought for sure that the coyote tried to cross the river. So I searched around for about 2 hours until dark, then I paddled up the river to the place where I keep my canoe and, on the way I made a pocket set. The next day I asked my friends dad to help me out, so we all went down the river, MaineTrapper, his dad, Me and my dad. We got down to the river, and searched around, when MaineTrapper's dad spotted a small link of the chain. We put a nail in a fairly large sapling and hauled the otter out of the log jam. (I'll have a pic of that soon). SO thats the story of my first otter.


The story that goes along with my mink is almost comical, I was coming back from checking some fox and raccoon traps one night and I decided to make a mink pocket set on my way back, remembering some plans from a fur-fish-game article. So I was paddling my canoe back up the river and I dug the pocket, and set my trap...all of this was extremly hastily dome, since my hands were nearly frozen. I had nearly no intention of catching anything, really...I was going to reapir the set the next day when it was considerably warmer. So I went to make my rounds...and at my second trap...there was my COYOTE! I was really excited! So I dispatched the coyote, and moved my next set I saw that the trap was missing...I looked around a little and saw the raccoon...also my first...I dispatched that and moved on down the river...on my way to the traps I thought might connect, I checked my mink pocket set...WOW it connected ! This was a really big suprise for me, and I am quite satisfied with my catch in the 1998 season.

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