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Season's total, and their tales.: Here is what I caught this season ,and some stories of my first year trapping.
My Photo Gallery: Some pics from this season, and last season.
Anti letters: these are some letters written to me from seriously messed up bunny huggers

Here are some friends pages

Dustys Alaska Trapping Page: Great site, has a lot of good pics from his trapline.
Tim's Site: Great site, lots of good information, also, has tons of links to good pages.
Pauls Trapping talk forum: Great place to get information about trapping and to talk to fellow trappers.
Sean's Trapping Page : Great site, he is constantly updating, also, has stories from many trappers.
MaineTrappers Place: Just getting started, but should have a pretty good site going in a little while.
Rangers Trapper Shack: This is a really nice site that's fairly new

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