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I was just reading an Outdoor Life magizine today, when I noticed an article on "Killer Coyotes" and I decided to put it on here.

They're stock killers, pet tokers, even deer slayers. But man-eaters ? Scientists say that not even wolves do that, but there is more than enough proof, however to convict Canis Latrans literally "Barking Dogs." According to a recent report, there have been 53 VERIFIED ATTACKS ON PEOPLE! , in Californa ALONE, over the past 10 years. Mass. residents were shocked by a bloody attack last summer. As were the populations of NH. VT. WY and NM. To name just a few states where recent encounters have occured. ....."It was there watching, you could see where it had lain in wait, you could even see (in the grass), where it had crawled. At 6:30 it was time to come in for dinner. Jennifer walked closer to the hedge as she headed indoors, the lurking coyote sprang, knocking the 3 year old to the ground." First it goes for her throat, but she kicks and punches so it bites her legs and chest." Says her mother. " A neighborhood boy stood there in horror, but I couldent see it, I just heard a blood curdling scream - no, worse, it was just awful." Sprinting accross the street with a neighbor, Dimmick found her daughter "Dripping with blood" one bite came close to severing her femoral artery. "She'd be dead if the bite had been any closer" Her face is scarred for life, but she is alive." In fact, just days after the attack Jennifer went house to house with her father passing out flyers to warn the neighbors.

The article continues to talk about other attacks on people, including attacks in CA, CO, NM, MA, and NJ. All of these states have banned trapping, but this article said good things about we trappers. "The common foothold trap is the safest and easiest way to catch a coyote, say most wildlife agencies. But the public tends to equate such devices with the "rack and thumb screw." They are outdated and creul goes the argument. When people hear the word "trap" they invision animals chewing thier legs off in mad attempts to get free. In reality, the modern foothold trap can be discriminating. It can be set to snap shut only on animals that are over a certain weight, and can be rigged with a pin that breaks if the animal is too heavy or too strong. These traps can also be padded, to prevent injuries.WITHOUT TRAPS WE'RE HELPLESS, COYOTES ARE IMPOSSIBE TO CATCH IN LIVE TRAPS, AND SHOOTING IN URBAN AREAS ISNT AN OPTION. Search made simple
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